Innocent Tinarwo

The action becomes hotter with each fleeting instant
Syrupy events competing for their slots in the infatuated lives
Like water dispensing out of a bottle
The droning from the birds enchants the atmosphere
Everything touched turns to nuggets of gold
With each magic whisper, the world seems to smile back
The sunshine blankets and shields away the bad omen
Life becomes a dream, dreams become life

Within a flash of a moment,
The dark tear- filled blanket engulfs the Creator’s natural light
From smiles to frowns, laughter to dreadful squeals
The humming birds cease their harmony in incredulity
The melody is replaced by laughing hyenas and hooting owls
Pouncing heartbeats and high aerobic respiration
Revulsion inexpertly masks the once pretty visages
Loving to detest and detesting to love

Fresh memoirs of the aesthetic horizon
Vanish in a magical spell of darkness
The eyes begin to fall down with fatigue
Fatigued by the luggage of verbose
The heavy inliers of emotional friction
And a Pandora’s Box of dreadfulness

The murky –domiciled pine for illumination
As their prominent eyes protrude out to salvage for light
A thin crooked procession of feeble minds
Separate the thinking from the habitation
One on a treasure hunt, the other in dreamland
One mind sits beside a boulevard
One on the pinnacle of an edifice
Hoping to locate the evading light
That bestows life to the lifeless
The ending begins
And the beginning of the ending
Exhibits the ending of the beginning
Tattooing the sunrise and sunset…
… of Love