Regard Me Sadly

Regard Me Sadly

Laala Kashef Algahta

"People or stars
Regard me sadly, I disappoint them," Sylvia Plath, Sleep in Fog

The stars nestle deeper
into the sky, throwing
occasional light my way,

They are the embroidery
on the blanket of the sky,
they are its splendour.

From their fixed places,
from their warmth,
they judge me with sad hearts,
diminish themselves
as I am not worthy
of their magnificence.

The stars nestle deeper
into the sky, on the brink
of disappearing,
as I hurtle further away
from expectations.

I wish to steal the wisdom
of their hearts and step
on the sadness in their eyes
until it is flattened and gone.
I wish to gain redemption.

The stars regard me sadly,
whispering in comets
across the skies, reaching heaven
with their distress.