Love is in Our Breath

Love is in Our Breath

Laala Kashef Algahta

Love comes in many different
apparitions. In a warm mug
of hot chocolate pressed
into your hands some
winter afternoon, to that kiss
they place on your forehead
to help you fall asleep.

Love dances around our arms
as we pull each other into
an embrace. It creates the warmth
that tickles our hearts,
that makes us smile.

Love is in our breath
when we place hot kisses
on our partner's lips,
it's in the food
we offer to the poor.

Love lives and is resurrected
despite its many deaths.

Love is in our words.
Not just poets', not just in Shakespeare's
verses or Eliot's or Donne's,
but in all of us. In saying take care
before we disperse.

In saying, I love you
in a hoarse voice.