It's About Time

It's About Time

Bernard Gieske

Is it really?

Is time something we possess
     when we have the time;
or something we can lose
     if we find the time?

Is it something to be passed around
     like salt and pepper at the table?
We're just passing the time.

It comes in every fable:
     once upon a time.
We're just killing time
     and how?

There are so many kinds of time:
     the right time, the proper time,
     the wrong time, the many times
and sometimes, there is no time.

Imagine that!

If only it would not be telling us what to do:
     Time to start and time to stop.
     Time to leave and time to go.

It can do so many things.
     stand still or drag along,
run fast and then run slow.

Time never waits for fate.
Opportunities come and go.

Occasionally we are behind the times
     or just ahead of our time.
And if we are in the wrong place
at the wrong time,
     how would it ever know?
And where does it go
     when it flies by?

Is it just a bunch of numbers
     that don't add up,
that we can cut up
     into minutes, seconds,
     nanoseconds ad infinitum?
Or link together into days and weeks,
     months and years or (heaven forbid),
     eons and light years ad infinitum?

There's a time for us in the time of man.
It had its beginning
     (so we were told).
It will have its end
     (so we are told)
but there is no turning back.

Now's the time.